Measuring objects


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Measuring point

Kurt Bieri

Using the "Measuring point" object, it is possible to calculate the illuminance at any desired point. The measuring point is shown with a position and the direction of the measurement. The following measured values can be calculated: 

- Horizontal illuminance (Eh)
- Vertical illuminance (Ev)
- Hemispherical illuminance
- Semi-cylindrical illuminance
- Cylindrical illuminance
- Illuminance, any direction

To add a new measuring point, go to "Insert/Measuring object/Point". By clicking on the floor plan or on the 3D view, you can place a new measuring point. The type of measuring point can be selected in the properties window under "Calculation".

Depending on the type of measuring point, it is possible to edit the view direction and the inclination.

After the scene has been calculated, a summary is compiled of the measuring point results in the "Result overview/Evaluation measuring points" output in the output tree. To achieve a separate summary of individual measuring points, it is possible to group these measuring points.

Summary of the measuring points