ReluxCAD for AutoCAD

Compile your lighting plan in AutoCAD. Define the necessary room parameters for the calculations. Thanks to the bidirectional interface to the ReluxDesktop application, you obtain all the calculation results in the presentation mode you require for your CAD plan.

30-day trial

ReluxCAD for AutoCAD,

What does the software offer?

Plan your lighting installation directly in AutoCAD

ReluxCAD for AutoCAD provides planners and engineers with a powerful tool that simplifies and optimises lighting planning by enabling precise calculations, realistic visualisations and efficient integration into existing CAD workflows.

ReluxCAD offers extensive lighting calculation functions directly in AutoCAD, allowing planners and engineers to perform accurate and standard-compliant lighting calculations without having to leave the AutoCAD environment.

Using the built-in interface, you can transfer 3D objects from one application to another via copy & paste. A great performance for a low financial outlay!

Useful functions with an interface to ReluxDesktop


  30 day trial version

All functions can be tested without any restrictions for 30 days. 
The trial version can be activated in ReluxDesktop under "File/Licences/Add-ons/Start 30 days trial".

AutoCAD must be installed. ReluxCAD for AutoCAD only works with a full version of AutoCAD, not with an LT version.

Watch the Webinar FUN with RELUX, Episode 19

In the FUN with RELUX webinar series, Robert and Klaus show you how to create and edit Relux projects in AutoCAD and copy complex 3D objects from AutoCAD to Relux Desktop.

Watch the video

What all you can do with ReluxCAD for AutoCAD


Set up a project

  • Create a Relux project file

  • Define a Reference block field

  • Select luminaires from 95 manufacturers libraries and options

  • Allocate symbols to the luminaires

  • Import luminaires from another AutoCAD drawing


  • Positioning Luminaires

  • Position a Group of luminaires or a row of luminaires

  • Position a circle of luminaires

Place luminaires


Draw a room

  • Draw a room and create Scenes

  • Name a scene

  • Interface with Relux Desktop


  • Select an object type (Wall, doors, windows, cubes, measuring areas, etc…)

Draw Objects


Calculate a Scene

  • Relux Interface

  • Select a room

  • Calculate

  • Return to AutoCAD with imported calculations


  • Insert an overview in DWG and CAD Layout

  • Insert Isolines in DWG and CAD Layout

  • Insert a project resume in DWG and CAD Layout

Present Results. Output


Part lists

  • Configure a part list

  • Add Symbols

  • Description of luminaires

  • Placed luminaires


  • Smooth exchange without loss

Synchronise changes with Relux


Luminaire Symbols

  • Aligning Symbols

  • Using Own and existing symbols

  • Specifying style


  • Calculations Results

  • Luminaire information

  • Labelling symbols

Inserting results and product photos in AutoCAD


3D objects

  • Importing Relux projects into AutoCAD

  • Exporting CAD objects into Relux

  • Relux control centre with Building

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  System requirements

We support AutoCAD versions from 2019 to 2024.
While using this product all functionalities of ReluxThirdParty are available.