Add-on for ReluxDesktop

RELUX members provide a large number of luminaires and sensors for planning purposes free of charge. ReluxThirdParty enables you to compile your complete project using products from third party suppliers, i.e. non-RELUX members.



Plan with non-member products

With the ReluxThirdParty licence, the following functions are activated for planning with third-party products:

  • Display of product name

  • 3D real-time rendering powered by Enscape

  • Product modification

  • Full data sheet

  • Project printout without superimposed text

Detailed explanation of ReluxThirdParty licence

Please note that this license is not required if you work in one of the following ReluxDesktop+ applications ReluxTunnel, ReluxEnergyCH, ReluxObtrusiveLight or the add-ons ReluxCAD for Revit, ReluxCAD for AutoCAD and ReluxTinLine Plan.


Which licence do I need and how do I install it?


Information about changes of the ReluxDesktop

Note two important changes to ReluxDesktop 

  • As of 1 December 2024, the ReluxDesktop program will only work with LDT/IES/ROLF/GLDF files from Relux members if you do not have a ThirdParty (non-member) licence.

  • As of 1 June 2025, older program versions prior to ReluxDesktop 2024.2.0.0 will be discontinued. Please plan for an update in your organisation in a timely manner.

The use of ReluxDesktop with products from Relux members or communication with BIM systems (ifc [Beta mid-July 2024]) remains free of charge.

Employees of Relux members

All employees of Relux members automatically receive a ThirdParty (non-member) authorisation. These users or their IT departments do not need to take any action.

Project files remain backward compatible according to current standards. If they contain ThirdParty (non-member) products, these projects can no longer be fully printed or recalculated without a ThirdParty (non-member) licence. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

The price for a ThirdParty (non-member) single licence is currently CHF 67.- per year and is more powerful and cost-effective compared to similar market products. Also network licences for companies are available.

My favourite products are from a non-member. What can I do?

Talk to your preferred manufacturers and encourage them to become a Relux member. The costs are minimal. As a user, you will benefit from better visualizations and additional services.

We look forward to continuing to support you with powerful tools and the latest standards in your daily work. Thank you for your trust and loyalty.