RELUX brings you closer to the world of lighting planning in a pleasant atmosphere.
Join Robert and Klaus on their journey into the lighting industry and learn what is currently moving the world of lighting.


Combine fun and learning

Robert Heinze, CTO & Klaus Heiss, Vice-CTO

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Placing luminaires


Episode 36

  • Placing luminaires in a ReluxDesktop scene
    Geometric arrangements

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Online calculation tools 


Episode 37

  • RELUX online calculation services, OnCalc, StreetCalc, SceneCalc, SensCalc

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Episode 35

  • Glare evaluation with UGR / RUG

  • Normative background

  • Application

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Maintenance factor

Episode 34

  • Meaning

  • Calculation and methods of the maintenance factor

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  Accuracy of a lighting calculation

 Episode 33

  • CIE calculation core

  • General accuracy

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Settings and cheats in ReluxDesktop

Episode 32

  • Settings and cheats

  • Tailoring the behavior of ReluxDesktop to suit individual needs

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Emergency lighting in Revit

 Episode 31

  • Planning emergency lighting in Revit

  • New features of the add-on ReluxCAD for Revit in emergency lighting

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Staircases in ReluxDesktop

Episode 30

  • Creating staircases in ReluxDesktop

  • Topics of lighting planning with staircases

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  Open Q&A session

 Episode 29

  • Answering your questions

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Obtrusive light

Episode 28

  • Calculation of obtrusive light

  • Normative aspects

  • CIE 150

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3D Import

 Episode 27

  • 3D import formats

  • 3D objects on ReluxNet

  • Modelling outside RELUX

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Dynamic visualisation with NEW real-time renderer

Episode 26

  • Exclusive preview

  • 3D walkthrough visualisation

  • Visualise completely rendered scenes

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  Daylight economy

 Episode 25

  • Isolux curves

  • Sun position diagram

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Room scans with RELUX

Episode 24

  • With which mobile devices

  • Scanning process

  • Transport

  • Use in Relux

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Daylight design

 Episode 23

  • Setting up and calculating daylight

  • Sky models

  • Daylight exposure

  • Displaying the values

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Dynamic Planning

Episode 22

  • Quick calculation of the direct component

  • Dynamic planning indoors and outdoors

  • Luminance and illuminance

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 Episode 21

  • ReluxTunnel functionalities and settings

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Measuring grid and points

Episode 20

  • Measuring points

  • Calculation grid

  • Photometric influence

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  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD

 Episode 19

  • Create and edit Relux projects in AutoCAD

  • Copy complex 3D objects from AutoCAD into Relux Desktop

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Views in ReluxDesktop

Episode 18

  • 2D and 3D views

  • Camera controlling

  • Saving own views

  • General properties / settings

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  Working with floors

 Episode 17

  • Work with multiple floors

  • Multiple CAD plans

  • Floor related outputs

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Episode 16

  • Colours and textures

  • Animations

  • Creating tracking shots and film

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  3D Modeling in RELUX

 Episode 15

  • Boolean operations on objects

  • Subtraction and addition

  • Mesh and solids

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Status of the GLDF 1.0.0 format

Episode 14

  • GLDF-Editor

  • L3D-Editor

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  All RELUX interfaces

 Episode 13

  • XML format ReCad I and II

  • Excel capabilities

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DWG / PDF Import

Episode 12

  • How to import plans into RELUX

  • Picking of room polylines

  • PDF (pixel and vector) conversions to CAD plans

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Street Lighting

Episode 11

  • Standards Overview

  • Street related Lighting Design

  • Excel Interface for street calculations

  • Relux StreetCalc Demo

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ReluxCAD for Revit (Update)

Episode 10

  • Photometric lighting calculations directly in Revit

  • Setting and using indoor and outdoor task areas

  • Working with free ceiling shapes between Revit and RELUX

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Glare Rating

Episode 9

  • How to design with UGR?

  • Glare ratings with KCalc

  • Options in ReluxDesktop

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The new EN 12464-1:2021

Episode 8

  • Two illuminance instead of one

  • New spreadsheets with new rows and columns

  • UGR Extensions

  • Changes in the surrounding areas

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  Emergency Lighting

 Episode 7

  • What does the EN 1838 require?

  • How to do emergency lighting design?

  • Insights in ReluxDesktop 2022.1 with a huge emergency lighting update

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Planning with sensors

Episode 6

  • Sensors in Relux and Revit

  • Measurement standards and data formats

  • What and how to plan with sensors?

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Planning with Google Maps

Episode 5

  • Planning with maps directly in Relux

  • For which plannings is this useful?

  • GIS in lighting design

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Planning reliability for the building owner  

Standards, results, accuracy

Episode 4

  • What outcomes are needed by the client and the standards?

  • Which standards are currently being updated?

  • How accurately does RELUX calculate?


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False colours

Episode 3

  • New vs. old false colour concept

  • Introduction of a universal false colour scale

  • Introduction of the threshold tool

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BIM Concept

Episode 2

  • What is BIM?

  • Why is RELUX in Revit?

  • What can ReluxCAD for Revit do?

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Episode 1

  • What is ReluxThirdParty?

  • Why is RELUX introducing something like this?

  • What is being restricted and how?

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