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Configuring the luminaire

Kurt Bieri

If different variants or lamps are available for a luminaire, it is possible to configure the luminaire. 

The fact that a luminaire can be configured is marked with an asterisk (*) in front of the luminaire name in the luminaire list.

Luminaire list with configurable luminaires

As soon as you select a configurable luminaire in the luminaire list, the "Select configuration" dialog will appear.

Selecting the configuration

If several luminaire configurations are listed, the selected configuration can be placed in the project by clicking on the desired entry. 

Additional configurations can be included in the project by pressing the "Add" button. Unused configurations can be removed by clicking on the "delete icon". 

The "pencil icon" can be used to change and overwrite existing configurations. The luminaires that have already been placed are then also changed.

Configuring the luminaire

If a luminaire configuration is added or edited, the configuration dialog appears. 

The different variants and associated bulbs can be selected, working from the left to the right. 

The pink bar along the edge of the variant and the lamp shows the original configuration.

If the luminaire has more than one head, a selection box will appear for the heads. 

The individual heads can then be configured as described by selecting the variant and the lamp.

Configuring the positioned luminaire

If a positioned and configurable luminaire is selected in Relux, the configuration can be edited in the Properties window. 

To do this, click on the "Select config." button. The selection dialog for the configuration will then appear.

Selecting the configuration